Письмо английской королеве

Небезызвестный некоторым из посетителей блога еще с институтских времен Шурик Максимов прислал текст письма своего виртуального друга Геврила к английской королеве. По согласованию с ними выкладываю его.

Your Majesty Quin Elizabeth II,

I appeal to You with the all world problem.

The problem concerns animals and human rights.

The deal is that my cow and I love each other for several years, and we would like to create our family like homo sexualists have already done it.

Then we dream to adopt children (a human child and a calf / heifer) to our family.

Everybody knows that UK is the most democratic kingdom. And every citizen (every person and every animal) has equal rights in spite of his / her / its sexual preferences.

We consider organizing the All World Meeting and Demonstration of cattle lovers on Trafalgar square in September 2013.

What do You think about it?

So my cow and I would extremely appreciate it if You give us the UK citizenship.

Sincerely Yours,


Перевод письма к королеве здесь.

Август 2013 г.

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